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5 Wire  Resistive TouchScreen


 Multi TouchScreen

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Fire-Wire Resistive Multi-Touch Screens


Lifetime of five-wire resistive multi-touch screen is longer than four-wire resistive multi-touch screen have 35 millions, more durability. Without disadvantage on capacitive multi-touch screens only can be touched by finger. Any stylus can be touched and written, quick response, suitable for the handwritten movements of writing that distinguish. Onetouch had US Patent 6917358 and Taiwan Patent for Resistive inducting wire layout on a touch panel in 2005. And then research, develop and improve by R&D Dept. continuously, succeed in finishing the development of five-wire resistive multi-touch screen now, already propose the patent application to patent organization such as Taiwan, USA, China, etc.
Multi-touch controller supports two-point touches for Windows 7,no necessary to install Touch Driverthat is compatible with Windows 7 USB HID interface.
Windows touch defines standard gesture of eight big classes including Panning
Press and tapPress and holdSelect and dragRotationZoom in/outFlicks and Two Finger tap, etc.
Application inside range of five-wire resistive multi-touch screen is wider than capacitive multi-touch screens, such as Industrial Equipment, Commercial Application System, Application of daily life, Education, Entertainment, Reading, etc, all can support effectively. Middle and large size for the application is handy

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